About Us

Dear world citizen and food lover! 


We started this project and webshop because we are deeply concerned about the threatening extinction of the global bee population. Experts in various areas believe that humanity and the industry contribute a lot to the threatening extinction. Bees are being more and more disrupted in doing their important "job". Bee populations have been falling for years in proportions that put the important pollination of crops at risk.


We, of "letthequeenbee" do not have the illusion of being able to save the world, but we really feel the need to draw people’s attention to one of the world's biggest problems, the extinction of bee species and the so called Colony Collapse Disorder.


After reading a thesis about the Colony Collapse Disorder, we became much more aware of the seriousness and the major impact on the global food supply, which will probably be the case on short or long term due to massive bee death worldwide. But how do you actually pass this on to others? Shouting it from the rooftops is not the way, but it actually feels that way. So we did some thinking and there was the idea. We hope MORE AWARENESS will be achieved by selling products like t-shirts and other nice and useful products that focus attention on the extinction of bee species and massive death of bees worldwide. We want to contribute to a huge WAKE UP CALL for humanity and the awareness that the threathening total extinction and CCD has to be put to an end. Many scientists, researchers, foundations, organizations and beekeepers worldwide have been alarmed for years now.


We therefore think that there must be a greater awareness among the world's citizins for the great importance of the existence and usefulness of the bees. They are responsible for pollinating many crops. This is a significant percentage of the total food production.


You could say: NO BEES NO FOOD. It's as easy as that!


How can all of this be explained? Well, we do not want to exhaust you with all kinds of technical explanation about the life of the bees. We think that the experts, foundations and beekeepers associations can do this better. Therefore, on this site you can find a selection of interesting links to inform you. And believe me ..... reading this, your sympathy for these hard workers will definitely grow, like it did with us.


Do you agree with us on the alarming state of the bee wildlife and it's consequences? We hope you do. By buying one of our products with the logo we believe that you can make a difference in the awareness and we also hope to contribute to the growth of people's sympathy for these little creatures.

Please help us SAVING THE BEES.