Our Mission



The name of our project is a carefully chosen one. As the queen bee is one of the most important players in maintaining a healthy bee population we thought: let's put this "royal highness" in the spotlights and draw people's attention to this upcoming world problem: bees will be threatened with extinction, which is already going on with a number of bee species. The queen bee and her "bee attendants" have a major part in maintaining the global foodsupply. If humanity doesn't let her and her workers do their "job" and people will keep on obstructing the bees through several external factors such as (electrical) pollution, overusage of pesticides, but also a decrease of flower fields, the global bee population will decrease dramatically.


She is the heart and soul of the bee colony. Only one queen lives in a given hive and with her long and graceful body she is the largest bee in the colony. Every bee colony needs a queen and when se dies it is a major event. She is not only UNIQUE among her colony's population....... She is vital to mainaining the bee population! The queen bee is the only female with fully developed ovaries. Her two primary purposes within the bee colony are to produce chemical scents that help regulate the unity of the colony and to lay lots of eggs, She is, in fact, capable of producing 1,500 eggs a day. That many eggs are more than her total body weight!

The other bees pay close attention to their queen, fulfilling all her needs.,Like a regal celebrity, she is always surrounded by a lot of attendants as she moves about the hive, but she isn't spoiled. These royal attendants are vital, because the queen is toally incapable of tending to her own basic needs. She can neither feed or groom herself. She can't even leave the hive to relieve herself. And so her attendants (the queen bee's court) take care of her basic needs while she tirelessly goes from cell to cell doing what she does best and so much needed..... laying eggs. So our opinion is.....let's be gentle to one of the most important player in our global food supply and let's choose our behaviour wisely and.........

                                                                      let the queen be(e)!